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Working for solicitors, insolvency practitioners, financial institutions, local authorities and businesses across the UK, TREMARK Associates professional investigations and debt recovery services include insolvency support, debt collection, tracing, surveillance, bailiff services and process serving.

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Making a run for it

Happy New Year?

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve bitten off more than you can chew? I know that January is the traditional time for committing to better habits – cutting out the midweek glass of Chianti, laying off the ciggies or instituting an embargo on pies – but I’m not sure....

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.....

Celebrate good times – come on!

With party season well and truly in full swing, I’ve been reflecting on the pleasures and pitfalls of the office party. For most of us, the risk of consuming too much alcohol when we’re celebrating with our work colleagues is probably the biggest dang....

Finding an investigator or process server in shark-filled waters

Regulations can be a power for good

Some people would argue that we live in an over-regulated society that is less colourful and less diverse than it used to be in the halcyon days when we could drink unpasteurised milk till the cows came home and drive around in our Ford Cortinas unfette....

Breaking up is hard to do (or is it?)

50 ways to leave your lover

When Paul Simon penned his blueprint for ending a relationship in 1975, it comprised a list of the most low-tech of solutions – most of which involved leaving without any kind of communication, not even a hastily written note on the back of a shoppin....

Private investigators struggle to shake off dodgy image

The bad news buzz

There are two search terms in my Google Alerts list whose daily internet discoveries are a sure-fire way of depressing even the most buoyant mood and invoking dyspepsia: ‘private investigators’ and ‘Leeds United’. The tragic descent of a once-proud northern footb....