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Working for solicitors, insolvency practitioners, financial institutions, local authorities and businesses across the UK, TREMARK Associates professional investigations and debt recovery services include insolvency support, debt collection, tracing, surveillance, bailiff services and process serving.

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Winding up Petitions - Leave it on the reception desk

The serving of winding up petitions at the registered office of a debtor company is a relatively simple affair when you compare it to some of the unsavory tasks that a process server might be assigned.

However, with many companies having their registered offices at an accountants practice....

Educating a serial debtor and notoriously slow payer

Debt Collection - Case Study #1 Background

One of our customers approached us as they had been having problems with significant outstanding debts from a particular client.  They are a commercial utilities supplier and the client a Limited Company.  The situation had been ongoing now f....

Beneficiary goes walk about down under

Beneficiary Tracing - Case Study #2 Background

We were approached by our client, a northern based Pension Authority, who had lost contact with a pension scheme member. They required us to carry out a standard trace on the subject. We were given personal details such....

Twenty One Years and Counting

Remember when…

Time Magazine recently published a list of ’15 things that turned 20 in 2015’. It was, as you might imagine, pretty US-centric and also a bit random – remember the opening of North America’s largest airport in Denver, anyone? Or the airing of....

But do you really know who that customer was?

...Yeah of course I do you say whilst looking bemused, it was Samantha Taylor from The Little Boutique!

But was it Samantha Taylor trading as The Little Boutique or actually, was it Samantha Taylor, the Managing Director of The Little Boutique Limited?

Whilst the above might seem ....